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There are hundreds of us!

The best online publications are also communities.
There are hundreds of us!

As I write this, Rethinking News has 306 subscribers. I'm grateful to each and every one of you for trusting me with access to your inbox.

This newsletter will be a bit like Startup, a podcast created by Alex Blumberg in 2014. Startup was the most meta podcast in the history of podcasts: a podcast documenting Blumberg's project to create a podcasting company. I'll be doing something similar, thinking out loud as I decide what kind of newsletter to create and hopefully build a community of readers who are excited to read it. In a few weeks or months, I'll fold Rethinking News into a new publication that's not so solipsistic.

The best online publications are also communities. During my four years at Ars Technica, I read the comments below every article I wrote, and I learned a lot. Reading the comments gave me a clear idea of who I was writing for and what they wanted from me.

That kind of feedback is going to be even more valuable now because I'm starting with a clean slate. The 306 of you are the nucleus of what I hope will become a much larger community of readers. So I would be grateful if you could drop a comment below this post introducing yourself. I'd love to know your background, what kind of work you do, and how you heard about the newsletter (or if you're a long-time reader, how you first encountered my work).

Thanks again for being willing to take this journey with me!

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